Early Labour Prep Guide

This is a helpful guide, to help you be proactive in early labour - which should in turn, set you up for a more successful vaginal birth.

Padsicle Recipe

What's a padsicle, you ask?

It's a frozen pad for your bottom, to help with swelling.

Make some beforehand, to keep in your freezer, for postpartum.

What To Pack


This is a what to pack for the hospital, checklist, so you're only bringing what's necessary, and not forgeting anything!

Birth Preferences Checklist

Birth preferences is not a typical birth plan. It's not all about "I want, I don't want". These are birth options that you actually have control over.

4 Steps to an Easier Birth

This guide goes over my four principles for a physiological birth - Oxytocin, Psychology, Balance and movement, and fetal positioning.

Labour Positions Guide

This guide goes over a variety of labour positions, that are intended to both help with fetal engagement and descent, and birther comfort.

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Helpful Diagrams

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