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The Doula Difference

What's a Doula?

A doula is a knowledgeable and trained support person that helps you get through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum with a bit more ease. We're like the friend with all the advice you can trust, and we're always ready and willing to find you information or resources, when you need them. You and your partner don't have to figure it all out on your own, your doula is there to help and guide you, making sure that you feel in control of your own journey, every step of the way.

Everyone has different personalities and in the same way, doulas all have their own style and approach to how they work with clients - some are more compassionate and gentle, some are more practical and focus on coaching and educating, some are hands on, while others amazing at holding space. Some doulas are a wealth of knowledge, others have resources up their sleeves for just about anything you need.

So when meeting with doulas and choosing who you would like to hire, take your own personal needs and wants into consideration first, and then go from there.


Why do you need a Doula?

You might have your partner, mom or sister, midwife, nurses, or doctor, so why would you need one more person in your birth space? Here are some questions to ask, when choosing your birth team;

  • Will your birth team help create a calming environment for you, encouraging you and cheering your on when you need it, while also holding space for you at appropriate times?

  • Does your birth team know how to properly apply counter pressure, hip squeezes, or suggest labouring positions?

  • Will your birth team know what activities to suggest for possible fetal malpositioning, or in the event of slow labour progression or stalled labour?

  • Do you feel they would be unbiased or emotionally stable support, if hard decisions need to be made?

  • Is your birth team there as a support to you and or your partner, or are they just there because of the excitement of birth?

You partner and/or family member bring a very important role to the birthing space, but they aren't your guide...and they often need just as much guidance as the birther (in order for them to properly assist the birther).

Your midwife or nurse and physician also have optimal roles in the birthing room, and that's to monitor and make sure that the birther and baby are safe. Their job also isn't to guide. Their job isn't to walk stairs with you, hold your hand during contractions, give your sips of water after every contraction, or give your partner directions on how and when to do a hip squeeze (though you may get lucky with a midwife or nurse who do all these things).

Every person in the birthing room has a vital role. The doula's role is to make sure everything is organized and that the birther (and partner) feel safe, comfortable, and taken care of. We're a bit like a wedding planner, but for birth!

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