Chelsea Bootsman birth doula
Red Deer doula
red deer doula
Chelsea Bootsman birth doula
red deer birth doula
Chelsea Bootsman doula
Red Deer doula

Chelsea Bootsman

Birth Doula, Photographer, Videographer

Red Deer & Central Alberta



Stillbirthday Certified

DONA trained

Rebozo trained

Spinning Babies trained

Psoas for Pregnancy and Birth

Racism & Privilege in Birthwork

Crisis Pregnancy

Vicarious Trauma

Trainings in progress:

Breastfeeding Educator Certification

Maternal Support Practitioner Certification


2-3 clients per month. Please Message me about availability.

Doula Experience:

60 births, with many more supported during early labour only. Experience includes twins, special needs, relinquishing birthers, home birth, stillbirth, VBAC, cesarean, high-risk, and teens.

Also spent a week as a volunteer doula in a hospital in Honduras.

Who am I?


      I am a mother of four and collector of skills, with a passion for encouraging and helping others achieve their dreams and goals! This sounds super cheezy, but I feel like we all need some help and encouragement along the way, and I like to be that person for others, because I also need it from others, for myself.

My main work and training is as a professional seamstress and clothing/costume designer, however in 2014, while pregnant with my 4th baby, I decided to take on the new venture of becoming a doula (I've always had a fascination with pregnancy and birth). Since then, I’ve attended a rebozo workshop, spinning babies workshop, and have become a certified birth and bereavement doula through Stillbirthday, among other trainings along the way.

A few years after becoming a doula, I also discovered a passion for photography and videography, as another way to express my art, and to capture the beautiful and real moments in everyday life.

As your Doula:
       I know how important every role is in the delivery room (whether that’s in the hospital or at home), and I am not there to replace anyone, but rather help everyone work as a team, making sure you feel supported and encouraged during the entire process. While also helping partners feel confident in their role of support.

       I have a huge passion for pelvic and muscular roles during pregnancy and labour, as well as fetal positioning. A priority for me, as a doula, is educating prenatally and helping my clients prepare both their body (balancing pelvic muscles to encourage optimal fetal positioning and engagement) and mind (working through fears and learning how to fully relax and breathe), to help ensure that they put their best efforts forward, to have a positive birthing experience.

My doula style:

         I like to keep busy, cleaning, organizing, continually quietly assessing situations and coming up with plans - like if I suspect a baby might be malpositioned, based on contraction pattern or where the contraction is felt by the birther (in the front or in the back), then I will have my clients do a series of activities to try to get baby properly positioned.

I'm a very hands-on doula and love to help with hip squeezes, counter pressure, and massage, while also giving suggestions for frequent position changes. I'm not a very vocal doula, and I'm also not a very comforting "motherly" type - I'm more of a "best friend" straight talk, coaching, but also sensitive, kind of doula ;)

As your photographer:

        I really enjoy just being a fly on the wall and documenting people as they are, in an environment that they're most comfortable in. My strong suit isn't in posing people, but rather in just following their own natural movements, and then looking for the moments and angles that are most flattering or emotionally engaging.

~ Chelsea B.

Chelsea Bootsman

Birth Doula, Birth Photographer,




Serving Red Deer and Central Alberta

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