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Who's got your back?

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Both metaphorically and physically, who had your back, when you had your baby(ies)?

Red Deer Birth photographer

During pregnancy, you might hear people talk with you about who you have on your birth team.

What do you mean "birth team"? I'll have my partner and midwife, or nurse and doctor. They know me and have my back.

Sure your partner might know you really well and they are a very important part of the birth team, but how well do they know birth and how to help you during labour?

And your nurse and doctor or midwife are also an integral part of your birth team, and they know what you may need medically, but how well will they advocate for your wants?

Will they help you walk the stairs or hallways of the hospital, encouraging you to stop every now and then to do a squat, or pelvic tilts on a chair?

Who's going to watch your kids, if you choose to have them present at the birth?

Who's going to tie your hair up, put lip chap on your lips when they get dry, or encourage you to take a sip of water after each contraction?

Who's going to take over the hip squeeze, counter pressure, or back massage, when your partner gets tired or needs a break?

Who's going to clean up your birth space or put towels in the dryer, during your homebirth, to help out your midwives and partner?

Who's going to make and bring you your post-birth meal?

Who's going to remind you to advocate for yourself?

Who's going to help explain things that you don't understand?

Who's on your birth team? Your mom, your partner, your midwives, your kids, you doula, your birth photographer?

They can all be present, whether you want a calm and peaceful birth, or you want a party (depending on your hospital or birth center rules).

Put some thought into who you want there; who will respect your wishes, who will help you achieve the birth you want, who will stay quiet or leave the room when you're wanting peace...

Memories of your birthing experience may remain with you for the rest of your life, and who you have by your side, can greatly affect that experience, so choose well!!

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